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3D trends 2022

Nov 3rd – 4th

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In house 3D printing and hospital data life-cycle management system

Lukáš Čapek


3D printing in healthcare is one of the most promising way to boost new medical strategies in this field. Historically, the healthcare providers outsourced this service from different stakeholders. This might be accompanied by unexpended states; therefore, hospitals tend to start performing their own 3D print in-house solution worldwide. This is a logic step; however, the production methods and data management life-cycle system for healthcare providers is still missing. It is well known that product lifecycle management (PLM) platform is useful for the organisation as a whole and is no longer limited to just the engineering and operations departments. For this reason, benefits can be found across the entire organisation. The aim of this contribution is to introduce the developed PLM platform 3Diamond for in-house 3D printing in healthcare.