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Nov 3rd – 4th

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Construction industry's 3D STAR project

Petr Zelený


This paper aims to present the construction industry's 3D STAR project (3D printing in construction and architecture) and its results. We have been working on this project since 2018. The advantages of 3D printing of concrete structures compared to conventional procedures are mainly in the practically complete elimination of the need for formwork and the reduction of concrete consumption by printing thin-walled and hollow forms, in perspective also in the possibility of speeding up the construction process and saving human resources. The project is focused on a comprehensive solution for the 3D printing of concrete structures. It, therefore, includes both the development of suitable printing materials and the development of a specially designed printing robot and print head in terms of hardware and software. The technology being developed uses a mobile robot that gradually prints vertical and horizontal structures on the construction site. Horizontal structures are printed in a vertical position. Then after curing, they are turned by a crane and stored at their destination. The robot is moved to higher floors as needed. The overall dimensions of the printed object are not limited by the size of the robot and its workspace.